At the Warco-Falvo Funeral Home we believe that our family owned and operated funeral service is very sensitive to individual needs. We are available 24 hours a day, 365 days a year to assist families with their funeral arrangements.


Economic Burial Package


A General Price List is provided by our funeral home to any individual who requests information about funeral costs or inquires about funeral goods and services.

When the unexpected death of a loved one occurs, families are often faced with the financial burden of paying for a traditional funeral and burial. At the Warco-Falvo Funeral Home, Inc. we offer an economic burial package to better fit the financial means of the families we serve. Listed below is a description of our Economic Burial Package.

Economic Burial Package: $8,480



Burial Services


Our family owned business has a vested interest in serving the community where we live and work. We believe in families and neighbors serving neighbors. Maybe she was a singer or enjoyed dancing. Maybe he was a little league coach or simply a wonderful husband and father. We can play a favorite song, display memory items and portraits. Every life has a story and we can arrange a unique service that tells that story in a dignified and comforting way. It means a lot to family and friends at such a difficult time.

We can provide or coordinate any combination of products and services of your family's choosing including:

• Casket and vault selections
• Monument selection
• Visitation and arrangements
• Church service
• Funeral service at the funeral home
• Graveside or chapel service
• Cemetery arrangements
• Direct burial
• Military honors for veterans
• Luncheon assistance
• Music selections
• Floral arrangements
• Floral deliveries to families homes
• Preparations and transportation of the deceased to other states and countries



Cremation Services


We offer complete services for those who choose cremation. Some families choose to have a viewing and funeral service prior to the cremation, and others choose immediate cremation with no viewing, followed by a service at a later date or no service at all.



Death Away From Home


The death of a loved one may occur away from home. It may be an unexpected loss during a vacation or family gathering, or the person may have moved away years ago but expressed a desire to be brought "home" for burial. Whatever the circumstances, we are here to help your family. All you have to do is call us and we will coordinate everything. As you can imagine, there are many decisions and arrangements that need to be made at such a time. Warco-Falvo Funeral Home, Inc. has the expertise and resources to put your mind at ease.



My Yesterday Memorial Book


Celebrate your loved one's life by creating a lasting tribute to their memory. It is much more than just your typical photo book. It is a collaboration of their biography, cherished memories, and images of their life all combined to create an irreplaceable book of their life. My Yesterday doesn't just give you pages to fill in. My Yesterday writes the story for you! While you go through a step-by-step process, My Yesterday is weaving the information into a written story. You have the ability to edit and personalize the content, add photos, create slideshows, and truly make your book as unique as your loved one.

Price: $195



Other Assistance


We also offer you assistance with many of the practical matters that arise when a family member dies. Our staff will help you file claims for Social Security death benefit, life insurance, veterans' benefits, or other claims that relate to your situation. We will be happy to assist you in any way we can with these concerns.


Do you need assistance with obituaries, death certificates, billing, customer service or something else?